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Condo Insurance in Texas

How Insurance Can Protect Your Condo and Your Personal Belongings

Condominium insurance protects your unit the same as renters or homeowner’s insurance. If a calamity occurs to your unit in the form of a fire or theft, insurance can cover your losses and repair the damage to your unit. At Planners Insurance Group, we're here to help condo owners of Fort Worth, TX protect their home and personal belongings from a worst-case scenario.

Condo Insurance Requirements in the State of Texas

The state of Texas does not require condominium owners to carry an insurance policy. However, your mortgage company or your condominium association most likely does require you to have coverage. Because there is no minimum insurance requirement, you have to decide how much coverage you want or need. Our insurance agents can help you choose the right policy to protect your assets.

Make Sure You Get Enough Coverage

Condo insurance is similar to that of renter’s insurance in that it protects the interior of your unit and the possessions that are stored within. The condo association carries a policy that protects the structure against various types of damage but will not protect each unit. Your association by-laws or mortgage may stipulate the minimum requirements for coverage, but you might find that the minimum requirements are insufficient.

You may want additional coverage depending on where your unit is located in the building. For example, you own a ground floor unit, and the area is known to flood on occasion. Getting flood insurance on top of condo insurance can protect you against a worst-case scenario. Discussing these issues with our insurance agents can help us come up with a policy package that covers most contingencies.

Contact Us for More Information About Condo Insurance Policies

At Planners Insurance Group insurance agency in Fort Worth, TX, we're here to help you understand your options for condo insurance and what type of coverage is provided by a policy. Give us a call today to find out what kind of coverage is available for your unit.