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Why Do You Need Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance is a common policy type that helps to protect you from various types of natural disasters and building problems. But is this type of policy truly necessary if the condo has owner’s insurance? Yes. Let us at Planners Insurance Group explain why your Fort Worth, TX area condo needs coverage.

Why You Need Condo Insurance 

Your condo owner’s association probably has a policy to protect their investment. This type of protection is designed to protect the structure of the building, primarily the outside. It also protects lawn, landscape, and common areas in a facility. Do you know what it doesn’t cover? Anything in your home.

Why is that the case? Condo owner’s insurance is not set up to protect the goods of the people who own a timeshare. Think of it as if you were renting the condo. Simply put, the facility owners do not have any interest in your goods and have no liability to protect your items for you. 

That’s why condo insurance is necessary. It protects you when the condo’s owner’s insurance does not. It will pay for any loss you experience, such as damage during a flood, various types of property loss, and other problems that may occur due to a fire or natural disaster situation. 

Like with other types of insurances, you can’t get coverage for things you’ve caused or natural wear and tear. For example, if your floorboards break because you did not fix a minor problem, your condo insurance will not pay because you are at fault in this situation.

Find a Great Policy

Do you need a condo insurance policy that will protect your needs? Then, it might be time to call us at Planners Insurance Group right away to learn more. Our team of professionals will sit down with you and create a policy for your Fort Worth, TX, area condo that makes sense for your protection.

What is included with a condo insurance policy?

People who choose to purchase a home in the Fort Worth, TX area will benefit in many different ways. As you are looking to own a home here, there are a few different housing choices to pick from, including getting a condo. When you buy a condo, you will enjoy the onsite amenities and other benefits but need to get proper insurance. This type of insurance offers several forms of coverage. 

Coverage for Assets

One type of protection that you will receive with your condo insurance policy is coverage for your assets. If you buy a condo, you will be making a big purchase while acquiring a valuable asset. Further, you likely will have many personal assets that you store within your condo. When you get a full condo insurance policy, it will include coverage to ensure you can repair or replace the condo and your personal belongings.

Liability Coverage

A full condo insurance policy is also going to provide coverage to mitigate liability risk. Anyone who purchases a condo in this area should recognize that they will be taking on some personal liability risk. This can include if a guest is over and gets hurt or if your condo causes damage to another unit, which could occur due to a leak or fire. With insurance, you can get coverage to mitigate and offset these risks.

When you look for condo insurance coverage in the Fort Worth, TX area, you should call the team with the Planners Insurance Group. Anyone who speaks with the Planners Insurance Group’s team will receive great service. We can ensure you understand your options and can pick the right policy for your situation.