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Why should I get recreational insurance in Fort Worth?

The Fort Worth, TX area can be a great place to live as it offers a strong mix of professional opportunities and recreational amenities. Those that are in this area and want to enjoy all that this area of Texas has to offer should consider getting a recreational vehicle or toy. Along with this purchase, you should also get a full recreational insurance plan. You should get this coverage for a few different reasons. 

Coverage for Your Asset

A reason people in this area of Texas should get a recreational insurance plan is so they can protect their assets. If you are going to purchase a recreational toy or vehicle, it will be something that you will want to enjoy for a long time. If you have a recreational insurance plan, it will give coverage so you can repair or replace it if the recreational asset is stolen or involved in an accident. 

Liability Protection

You should also get a recreational insurance plan to receive liability protection. Those that are going to operate a recreational toy will always run the risk that they could cause an accident that will result in damages. If this happens, you will need to pay restitution to cover the damages. Fortunately, you can offset this risk by getting liability insurance as part of your recreational policy. 

Having a proper recreational insurance plan in the Fort Worth, TX area is very important. If you are looking for a new plan when you are here, calling the Planners Insurance Group is a great first step. Those that own a recreational vehicle will take on some different risks and Planners Insurance Group can help you build a plan that will mitigate them as well as possible. This can ensure you remain properly covered at all times. 

Why Should I Invest In Texas Motorcycle Insurance?

Owning a motorcycle comes with many benefits, including cheap gas and the adrenaline rush of cruising on a bike. Unfortunately, research shows that motorcyclists and their passengers are at more risk of an accident than those in a closed car. That’s why motorcycle insurance is critical. At Planners Insurance Group Insurance, we will get you a proper motorcycle insurance policy to cover you in case of an unfortunate event. Other benefits you get when you buy motorcycle insurance from us include:

Compliance with law

Texas, like most states, requires you to carry motorcycle insurance before you hit the road. Failure to carry motorcycle insurance will not only land you on the wrong side of the law but you will also be expected to cover medical costs and property damages when involved in an accident.

Liability protection

When other people get injured in an accident, you are at fault; you are expected to cover property damage and medical costs. Usually, you may have to pay this from your pocket if you don’t have motorcycle insurance. However, when you have secured motorcycle insurance, it covers liability-related costs, saving your finances.  

Asset protection

Collision and comprehensive coverages should always be part of your policy. These coverages cover damage or loss to your bike resulting from accidents and other non-collision perils like theft, vandalism, falling objects, hail, hurricanes, and many more.

Covers medical bills

If your motorcycle has a collision, the medical payment coverage pays for the medical costs for you and your passengers. 

Motorcycle insurance in Fort Worth, TX

Purchasing motorcycle insurance can be intimidating, especially for new riders. However, with the right insurance agent, shopping for coverage becomes easy. Ready to buy motorcycle insurance? Call or visit us at Planners Insurance Group. We will get you covered.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance offers people a way to get more liability coverage where they most need it. It adds to the liability coverage of other policy types. If you are interested in an umbrella policy, call us at Planners Insurance Group in Fort Worth, TX. It can help you financially to have more coverage for your liability. 

Your Home Insurance Policy

Your home insurance policy encompasses several different types of coverage, and liability is one of those. The liability component of home insurance covers the homeowner against accidents or illnesses on their property. This type of coverage is generally very low on home insurance policies, so many homeowners want more of this coverage. Adding an umbrella insurance policy to the home coverage you already have will raise that liability coverage to a much higher amount.

Your Auto Insurance Policy

Like your home insurance policy, your auto insurance policy has a small amount required for liability coverage. But as with home insurance policies, this is rarely enough coverage. With hospital bills being as high as they are, it’s always a good idea to have plenty of liability insurance in case of accidents. With an umbrella insurance policy, more liability insurance is added to what you already have with your auto insurance policy. After an accident, the auto insurance policy will first payout up to its policy limit. After that, the umbrella policy comes in and pays the rest of the bills up to its own policy limit. 

Liability Coverage

With medical bills constantly rising, it’s always best to have plenty of liability insurance. To learn more about umbrella policies, call us at Planners Insurance Group in Fort Worth, TX. 

When is boat insurance needed?

The Fort Worth, TX area continues to be well known for being quite warm for long parts of the year. Those that would like to enjoy this area of the state to the fullest should consider getting their own boat as it will give you a chance to enjoy all the local waterways. Anyone that would like to get a boat here also needs to have the right insurance. There are many cases when having a boat insurance plan will be needed. 

When Using in Local Areas

A situation when you may need to have a boat insurance plan is if you want to use your boat in certain areas. There are some marinas and other water access points in this area of Texas that will require all boat owners to have insurance. This is often required as it ensures that someone will cover any damages that they may cause in an accident. 

When Looking to Protect Boat

You will also need to have a boat insurance plan when you want to protect your boat. Getting a boat is an exciting experience, but it is also an asset that you need to cover and protect as well as you can. Those who get boat insurance will know that they have the protection available if their boat is involved in an accident or stolen.

People that would like to get a boat insurance plan in the Fort Worth, TX area should call the Planners Insurance Group. There are a lot of ways that the Planners Insurance Group can help you when looking for coverage. We can help by answering all of your questions and providing the guidance needed to choose a new plan that will properly protect you and your boat. Contact our office to learn more and get a quote,

How Much Flood Coverage Do You Need?

A flood is an unpredictable and catastrophic event that can totally destroy your property. With flood insurance from Planners Insurance Group, you can obtain protection against this type of disaster. When deciding how much flood coverage to obtain for your Fort Worth, TX home, consider the value of your home and personal belongings. Here are a few tips on selecting flood insurance coverage.

Protection for Your Home

Flood insurance offers protection for your dwelling and personal belongings against the risk of flood disasters.   

Dwelling protection should be enough to replace your home in case it is totally destroyed by floodwaters. Before choosing coverage, take time to assess the value of your home and what it would cost to rebuild, taking into account the cost of materials and labor in your particular area. This will give you a better idea of how much coverage you’ll need to rebuild your Fort Worth home in the event of a total loss.

Protection for Your Belongings

To determine coverage for your personal property, assess the value of your belongings. This is essentially the contents of your home to include furniture, clothes, electronics, appliances, artwork, sports gear, and other items. As some policies have limits on goods within certain categories, you’ll need to break down your belongings into categories to ensure you’re getting accurate coverage for your most valuable items.

You would do well to create a home inventory of your goods and document their value. This makes it easier to keep track of what you own. It can also help in determining how much flood protection to get for your personal belongings.

For more information about flood insurance or to purchase flood coverage, contact your insurance specialists at Planners Insurance Group. For your convenience, we serve homeowners in Fort Worth, TX, and surrounding communities.

What is included with a condo insurance policy?

People who choose to purchase a home in the Fort Worth, TX area will benefit in many different ways. As you are looking to own a home here, there are a few different housing choices to pick from, including getting a condo. When you buy a condo, you will enjoy the onsite amenities and other benefits but need to get proper insurance. This type of insurance offers several forms of coverage. 

Coverage for Assets

One type of protection that you will receive with your condo insurance policy is coverage for your assets. If you buy a condo, you will be making a big purchase while acquiring a valuable asset. Further, you likely will have many personal assets that you store within your condo. When you get a full condo insurance policy, it will include coverage to ensure you can repair or replace the condo and your personal belongings.

Liability Coverage

A full condo insurance policy is also going to provide coverage to mitigate liability risk. Anyone who purchases a condo in this area should recognize that they will be taking on some personal liability risk. This can include if a guest is over and gets hurt or if your condo causes damage to another unit, which could occur due to a leak or fire. With insurance, you can get coverage to mitigate and offset these risks.

When you look for condo insurance coverage in the Fort Worth, TX area, you should call the team with the Planners Insurance Group. Anyone who speaks with the Planners Insurance Group’s team will receive great service. We can ensure you understand your options and can pick the right policy for your situation. 

Is Whole Life Insurance Worth It?

Having a life insurance policy is one of the best ways to ensure your loved ones’ financial stability should you pass away; however, deciding whether or not to purchase whole life insurance can be a challenge. As opposed to term life insurance, which is only valid for a set number of years, whole life insurance remains in effect the entirety of your life – assuming that the premiums continue to be paid. One of the biggest benefits of whole life insurance is that a portion of your policy premium goes into a tax-deferred investment account that grows in value as you age. With a whole life insurance policy, you are allowed to borrow or even withdraw the entirety of the cash value at any given time. 

Given that the interest you’ve earned is not taxed, you can accumulate a significant amount of wealth within a whole life insurance policy. For high-income earners who have already exhausted their external retirement and savings mechanisms like a 401K, IRA, Roth IRA, 529 plan, and an HSA, a whole life insurance policy makes the most sense. Keep in mind that because whole life insurance is permanent and includes an investment component, it can be significantly more expensive than a term policy. If you decide to withdraw money from your whole life insurance policy, there are a few options available. First, you can take a loan where the cash value is held as collateral. Second, you can make a partial withdrawal; however, there may be fees and a limit imposed by the insurance companies. Other options include selling the policy or surrendering the policy.

To learn more about your life insurance options and for help in picking the best policy for your needs, give the team at Planners Insurance Group in Fort Worth, TX a call to learn more.

What are the State Minimums for Auto Insurance in Texas?

Like most states, Texas has minimum auto insurance requirements for drivers. Texas drivers are required to carry liability auto insurance that meets the state coverage minimums. This insurance is a requirement to drive in the state of Texas legally. 

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

The Planners Insurance Group of Fort Worth, TX is committed to educating Texas drivers about the required state minimums. They are also committed to helping Texas drivers understand what their liability insurance covers. When you’re declared at fault, liability insurance compensates people that have been affected by an accident involving your vehicle. This insurance will pay for injury to another driver or passengers and the lost wages that may come from someone not being able to work due to injury. Liability insurance is also designed to cover any damage to the other driver’s vehicle. 

What are the Texas State Minimums for Auto Insurance?

As a Texas driver, you are required to carry at least $30,000 of coverage for injuries per person. Texas liability insurance requirements also include a minimum requirement of $60,000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage. Keep in mind that these are the minimum requirements for Texas liability insurance. This means that you can purchase higher amounts of coverage if you feel it’s necessary. However, you must at least maintain the state minimums. You can’t legally drive in the state of Texas without this minimum coverage. Texas liability coverage is required to protect at-fault drivers.

Other Important Details…

In Texas, certain types of car insurance are specifically tied to the insured car. These coverages include bodily injury liability, personal injury liability, collision, and comprehensive auto insurance. Conversely, personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is tied to the driver in Texas. This differs from liability coverage in Texas. PIP will pay for your medical bills as well as your passengers. PIP also covers lost wages and non-medical costs. All Texas auto policies include PIP coverage. The Planners Insurance Group of Fort Worth, TX is committed to educating Texas drivers on the required state minimums for drivers and other forms of auto insurance. Please give us a call. We’re here to answer your questions. 

The Best Way Business Owners Can Protect Their Company

You have invested a lot of time and money into your company. Protecting those investments should be high on your list of priorities. So what is the best way to protect these things? How can you make sure that the many uncertainties of life do not leave your company financially vulnerable? At Planners Insurance Group, serving Fort Worth, TX, we take your insurance education very seriously. Please keep reading to find out how business owners can protect their companies.

Commercial Insurance 

Commercial insurance is a special type of insurance product designed, especially for businesses and business owners. This suite of insurance products will put important insurance coverage in place to make sure that your company is not left financially damaged in the face of a disaster or legal problem. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance can be customized to accommodate your company’s needs, but in general, most commercial insurance will cover the following areas:

  • Property Damage: If the physical property on which your business is located becomes damaged because of fire, natural disaster, or burglary, the insurance policy will help pay for repairs or replacement of that property or equipment. 
  • Automobile Insurance: Many companies use vehicles to perform everyday business operations. These vehicles and the drivers operating them must be covered with auto insurance to safely and legally operate the vehicles. 
  • Liability: Liability is probably one of the most important insurance coverage types a business owner can have in place. If a customer or an employee is injured at your place of business or is injured as a result of your goods or services, you could be held liable for medical bills or even legal fees should they apply. An event like this can have a devastating impact on a business. Liability coverage is there to ensure you do not face these expenses alone. 

If you would like to learn more about commercial insurance, please contact our staff at Planners Insurance Group, serving Fort Worth, TX. 


What First Time Home Buyers Need to Know About Home Insurance

Buying your first home can be an exciting time in life. To make sure that this new investment is adequately protected, appropriate insurance must be in place. Planners Insurance Group, serving Fort Worth, TX, is here to answer your questions concerning this vital investment. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about homeowner’s insurance. 

Why Is Home Owner’s Insurance Important 

For most people, their home is their largest and most important investment. Not only is this an essential investment of money, but your home will also carry with it a certain amount of sentimental value as well. Protecting your home is financially important, as well as emotionally significant. 

What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

Homeowner’s insurance can be customized for your particular needs, but in general, homeowner’s insurance will cover the following areas:

  • Property Damage: If your home is damaged as a result of fire, natural disaster, or burglary, you want to know that you will be able to repair or replace what is damaged or lost. Doing this out of your pocket could leave you and your family financially vulnerable. Insurance is there to kick in and help pay for these expenses. Not only does this protect you financially, but it can also give you absolute peace of mind knowing that you and your family will always have a place to call home. 
  • Liability: Owning a home carries with it a certain amount of responsibility. If someone is injured on your property, you could be held liable for their medical bills or even for legal fees if that applies. This can be devastating financially. Liability coverage can help protect you from these risks. 

If you would like to learn more about homeowner’s insurance, please call our staff today at Planners Insurance Group, serving Fort Worth, TX.